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RotoQL helps daily fantasy sports (DFS) players seamlessly build lineups through software. According to their site, users typically reduce the time spent constructing lineups by 52%; their average customers also increase their bankroll by 37% over a 3-month period.

One of RotoQL’s founders is Saahil Sud, formerly Maxdalury, who is the world’s #1 ranked player according to Rotogrinders:


You can read more about Saahil Sud on his Wikipedia page or the RotoQL website. You can also watch over 50 DFS strategy videos hosted by Saahil at RotoQL University.

Rotogrinders RankingsSaahil Sud


The Product

Learn about RotoQL’s product in 90-seconds through the video below:


As you can see from the video, RotoQL’s product is designed to not only provide lots of raw data but the tools to quickly synthesize it into actionable insights. We explore individual features below.


The Optimizer


  • RotoQL’s optimizer is very well known in the industry for its speed and accuracy. The optimizer generates — for a given set of projections – the mathematically most optimal lineup out of a quadrillion (10^15) combinations instantaneously. Even as you “lock,” “exclude”, “favorite” different players or generate 300 lineups, the optimizer runs extremely fast.


  • Accompanying the optimizer is nifty player exposure tool which allows you to see and adjust your exposure to specific players within seconds.


  • Optimizer Image


  • Player Exposure


Team Stacking


  • Stacking is a very important strategy in daily fantasy, especially in NFL and MLB. RotoQL’s stacking tool generates team level stacks of all varieties (i.e. 4×2, 3×2, 2×4). For NFL, you can seamlessly pair QBs and WRs.



RotoQL Insights


  • RotoQL generates daily insights to help DFS players discover trending players with favorable matchups, vegas odds etc.. It’s a really great feature for folks who with very limited time.


  • RotoQL Insights


Player Data —


  • RotoQL has lots of great player data which is especially helpful when you are trying to decide between a few players. Guided by color-coded grid, you can filter by lots of parameters like volatility, vegas info, matchups and much more.


  • Player Data


Lineup Saving & Exporting


  • Save _ Export Lineups


Check out RotoQL’s website for more info on the features and how to get started.




RotoQL’s product is an excellent resource for DFS players that already understand the fundamentals of the game. It helps you save time building lineups, helps you choose between players, surfaces key players on a daily basis and much more.


For folks that are new to DFS, we recommend that you start by watching their courses on RotoQL University. The Intro to DFS, DFS Strategy and NFL Strategy courses are great places to start.


Additional Resources


Create your free RotoQL account:


More info about the product:


Learn DFS strategy from Saahil:



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