FanDuel NBA Cheat Sheet: Subscription

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For those that haven’t tried out our FanDuel Cheat Sheet we have Sortable (Downloadable) Matchup Stats, Sample Lineups, the actual CHEAT SHEET!, over unders, points allowed, and so on and so forth. Give it a shot and I think you’ll see your money returned to you in research time and winnings.

Pricing: Weekly option 9.99 ($1.43 each) and the Monthly option is 29.99 ($1.00 each). The subscription is only for FanDuel Cheat Sheets.

As a subscriber you will receive an email as soon as the new Cheat Sheet is posted for the day.

Remember, the NBA is volatile as far as injuries and stomach flus and shoe lacing incidents and what not, so always be sure to keep up with the latest news so you don’t get stuck with a dud. I prefer to use Twitter for my up to the second information. Be sure to follow us @FakeBasketball and here’s a very short list of fantasy basketball people I follow who also update that kind of information.

You can check out a sample cheat sheet HERE to see what you will be receiving for your monies.

Receive a 100% Bonus at FanDuel.


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