The Fake Basketball 2018 NCAA Tournament Cheat Sheet March 14, 2018  |  Jeff Brubach


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Welcome to the 2018 NCAA Tournament Cheat Sheet!

Much like last season, we are bringing you a wide array of tools and information to help you with any of your NCAA Tournament Fantasy needs. Our Customizable Bracket and Rankings Excel has no peer on the market for your March Madness draft needs, but there’s so much more: brackets, bracket analysis, individual player rankings, draft strategy, sleepers, locks, injuries, play-in round analysis, you name it, we have it in our comprehensive Tourney Package.



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Part 1. Customizable Bracket & Cheat Sheet

The main objective of NCAA Tournament Fantasy Basketball is to draft a team that accumulates as many fantasy points scored as possible. Two ingredients help make a successful team: high scoring players and players who play deep into the tournament. These two aspects will be covered thoroughly in your Customized Bracket & Top 300 spreadsheet. As illustrated in the pictures below, you will fill out a standard NCAA Tournament bracket. Easy as pie. Next, you will flip to your Cheat Sheet that covers every possible statistical aspect of the Top 300 players in the NCAA Tournament, tailored to your individual picks and League Scoring Settings. Do you think Wichita State will be advancing to the Final Four while West Virginia gets knocked out in the second round? Simply fill out your bracket and watch as the Wichita players rise and WV players fall in your own customized set of player rankings.

The Customized Bracket & Top 300 spreadsheet also includes helpful information like which players are trending upwards in points per game and minutes per game, as well as which players are solid value picks. Still thirsty for more statistical strategery? You’re in luck! Your personally customized Top 300 list even includes our own “consistency rating” for all 300 players.


Customizable Cheat Sheet

Customizable Cheat Sheet


Customizable Spread Sheet (Click to Enlarge)

Customizable Spread Sheet (Click to Enlarge)

Part 2. NCAA Tournament Primer


In addition to your Customized Bracket and Top 300 Cheat Sheet, you will receive an NCAA Tournament Draft Guide with extensive March Madness analysis and player picks. Some of the highlights include:


–  Top 300 Player Rankings: Using our bracket predictions, we calculate the Top 300 Available Players and give you a nice printable sheet to work from.

–  Locks, Value & Gambles: NCAA Basketball fantasy expert Justin Bales takes us through his favorite players to target in tournament drafts.

–  Bracket Predictions and Strategy: Spencer LimbachJustin Bales, and Randy Quis also discuss different strategies for filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket. They look at teams that are ripe for upsets and sleepers that will go further than expected while sharing some pre-filled sample brackets to help you along your way.

       –  Key Injury News: Who is limping into the tournament? We run down all the pertinent injury situations.

–  The Tournament Through Vegas Goggles: Spencer Limbach takes you through the Vegas March Madness odds.

–  Play-in Games: For those leagues that include play-in games, we break down these matchups and highlight players who will take advantage of an extra game.

–  Team Pace+Defensive Efficiency Chart: When college teams from disparate parts of the country meet up during March Madness, there will be a clash of styles and “pace of play” is a good indicator of style. We look at what teams will slow down or speed up games, and how that will impact top players in the NCAA Tournament field.


Your Customized Top 300 List Excel Spreadsheet and our Draft Guide with articles, our Top 300 player rankings, sample brackets and more will be ready March 12th!

The cost is just $9.99 for everything!

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Click HERE for your Customizable Bracket/Rankings Excel — “Enable Macros” and click the basketball to sort! 

Note: De’Andre Hunter has been removed from the Excel due to his broken wrist which will keep him out of the tournament. Be sure to take him off your draft boards. His loss does hurt Virginia’s title hopes


Top 400 Player Rankings (1 point per point leagues): KenPom Top 400 (PDF)Limbach Top 400 (PDF) — Quis Top 400 (PDF) Bales Top 400 (PDF)

Locks, Value & Gambles – Justin Bales

The Best and Worst Defenses and Tempo in the Tourney

The Tourney Through Vegas’ Eyes — Spencer Limbach

Expert Brackets: Justin BalesRandy QuisSpencer Limbach — KenPom

Bracket Predictions and Strategy: Justin BalesRandy QuisSpencer Limbach

Key Injury News

Play-in Games




20 Responses

  1. flutieflk says:

    Thanks for putting this together. It looks like the Excel is sorted by points per game. How do I sort by projected points? I’m having some trouble doing this.

    • Chet says:

      On the Cheat Sheet section, you will see a basketball near the top right. After you have entered which bracket you want to use and your scoring preferences, you need to click on the basketball and it will sort by projected points.

  2. Chet says:

    It is ready. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should see the links you need. Good luck!

  3. jmcgrath says:

    chet got your email thanks for the help

  4. cardinal38 says:

    how is consistency score calculated? and what do the points, min, and val columns signify? thanks

    • Chet says:

      The consistency scores just measure the percentage of games that the player scored either 12 or more points or 7 or less. Essentially the consistency that they have “good” scoring games versus “bad” ones.

      Points= Up arrow if the player has scored more points in their last 10 games than their season avg. Down arrow if less.

      Min= Same as above, but minutes player per game.

      Val= Most people draft off of season-long points per game. The $ val players notate players that are hot in their last ten games and have scored more than other players on their team who have higher season long averages.

  5. ljmilt says:

    Stupid question, but… how do I get the customizable bracket to open? I purchased it, but when I click on it…nothing.

  6. ljmilt says:

    Nope. Can’t get it to open. Might be crazy security settings at work.

  7. dylanheck98 says:

    How soon is the excel spreadsheet sent? Purchased 15ish minutes ago and have not received anything,

  8. MEspo22 says:

    Hey guys, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I finally found a product like this. I’ve been doing this myself for the past 18 years. The L10 games played stats are so valuable to me that I put in the hours that it takes to produce such a spreadsheet in such a short amount of time. Not having to do it anymore will actually be bittersweet. I too use weighted average and multiply it by a complicated projected games played formula to arrive at my projections. Over the years I’ve settled on 60% L10 PPG and 40% Season PPG. I’m curious to hear how how you derive at your weighted average. I’m really looking forward to using your customizable spreadsheet.

    • Chet says:

      Thanks for your purchase! Yes, we do a very similar breakdown for the weighted average with a slight bit more based on the last 10. Good luck!

  9. jimmac says:

    #1, how do i actually select the teams to advance to the next round? i clcik on the team and attempt to drag them to the next round but it doesn’t allow this.
    then one i am able to do this and click on the basketball to sort, how do i get the page to have my top scorer on top in decending value to the bottom. this is not working for me, please help me

  10. karzwoo says:

    what happened to the one list from years past? it didnt need any input from us.

    • Chet says:

      The Expert rankings are there. You have the ability to make your own bracket and get rankings from that, but we also have our expert brackets and Top 400 lists from those in the links below.

  11. karzwoo says:

    i think it is the top 300?

  12. karzwoo says:

    using your bracket predictions

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