EFF/VI/USG/FPA NBA Matchups 02.13.14 February 12, 2014  |  Cfarneth

Daily Fantasy Sports really boils down to numbers. Every day we jump on to our favorite DFS site and we pick the guys who stand out. Then, if you are like me–you go back and make sure the numbers make sense. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. The goal in providing you efficiency, match-ups and versatility is to provide your heart, your head and your gut guidance. You know to play PG against PHI, you know to put a physical big man against the Heat and you know to pretty much avoid most match-ups against the Spurs and Pacers–but do you know why?

The EFF/VI/USG/FPA allowed page allows you to feel good about those things you just “know”. Trust your gut, but follow the numbers to victory.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: We have added DraftStreet to our EFF Offering. Please share your feedback and keep sounding off with what you want to see.

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These charts show the EFF and the Fantasy Points Allowed for each position against a team’s defense. So the higher the EFF number and FPA the better that position plays against that defense or in other words, the worse that defense plays against that position.

PLEASE NOTE: I have changed the first AVG Column to be a weighted average of EFF on the season, for the past 10 games, and for the past 5 games–I have done the same with FPA(Season, Previous 10, Previous 5) to show you the best match-ups It’s now an average of those six factors–I also renamed it AVG-OPP to be sure to designate that these numbers correspond to the opponent, not the player. The second AVG Column is an average of all Season EFF and Season FPA for the opponent and FPPG, VI, USG  of the individual for the year.

Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG): The number of fantasy points (based on FanDuel scoring) the player averages per game.

Minutes Per Game (MPG): The average number of minutes a player is on the court.

Versatility Index (VI): The Versatility Index is a metric that measures a player’s ability to produce in more than one statistic. In this case we are using points, assists, and rebounds. The average player will score around a five on the index, while top players score above 10.

Usage Percentage (USG): Usage percentage is an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he was on the floor — It is a measure of how much control an individual has over his team’s offense while he’s on the floor. The basic calculation is just a percentage of how many possessions each player either shoots, dishes out an assist, or turns the ball over while he’s playing. So the higher the number the more often plays run through him. Of course he could be inept with the ball in his hands, but then you would hope his USG% would go down. In fantasy we want plays running through our guys, so this is really a basic stat that could use more stats in context to help show how effective the player is with the ball. That’s why I throw the VI number in as well. The average of all 4 is in no way scientific, just a way to show that just because a player is facing a great matchup doesn’t mean he is good enough or gets the ball enough to take advantage. You also have to take into account the player may have a small sample size if he has a high number, but hasn’t played much. That is the case with all stats unless you know for sure there is a playing time threshold.

Efficiency (EFF): NBA.com evaluates all players based on the Efficiency Formula ((Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks) – ((Field Goals Att. – Field Goals Made) + (Free Throws Att. – Free Throws Made) + Turnovers)). The EFF shown in the chart is the average EFF that position scores against the team they are playing on that day.

Fantasy Points Against (FPA): Fantasy points allowed to each position based on FanDuel Scoring (Pts = 1, Reb = 1.2, Ast = 1.5, Steals = 2, Blocks = 2, Turnovers = -1)

If you want to see just one position, type in PG, SG, SF, PF or CN to help sort.

Google Docs are back! Just click through the link. 

I also set a default order on all the sheets. I had been getting lots of questions about how they were ordered. All lists are now ordered byFPPG scored on the respective site in the past 14 days(AVG).



DraftKings Google Doc Link

SFKevin DurantLAL1140021.2039.3738.0452.9232.2011.5030.2931.44
CNJoakim NoahBKN860023.7040.4634.0036.5918.309.8032.0825.77
PFTaj GibsonBKN680025.9044.4329.3725.9622.106.3035.1724.94
CNChris KamanOKC620022.0040.4018.0420.8626.108.5031.2023.57
PGJordan FarmarOKC440023.5042.9821.2621.9723.5010.0033.2424.39
SGSteve BlakeOKC660017.5035.4432.7327.9915.708.2026.4720.97
PFSerge IbakaLAL770027.4047.1732.5532.8120.206.1037.2926.74
PGReggie JacksonLAL630025.2044.3028.3926.3124.208.5034.7525.70
SGJimmy ButlerBKN600021.8039.1836.8226.4717.405.5030.4922.07
PGKirk HinrichBKN500021.2040.5229.1720.7816.506.3030.8621.06
PGKendall MarshallOKC580023.5042.9832.0428.4816.108.3033.2423.87
PGDeron WilliamsCHI710021.1039.8330.6128.4222.007.8030.4723.83
SFMike DunleavyBKN440018.3035.3129.4121.4717.906.1026.8119.82
PFJordan HillOKC410024.3043.9019.5320.0518.907.5034.1022.93
PGJason TerryCHI300021.1039.8316.309.4015.605.0030.4718.19
SFJeremy LambLAL420021.2039.3722.2218.3220.206.5030.2921.12
SFAlan AndersonCHI350019.2037.1225.3115.5716.204.5028.1618.52
SFRyan KellyOKC370015.8033.7119.9014.3416.506.0024.7617.27
SFPaul PierceCHI600019.2037.1229.1626.1822.407.8028.1622.54
SGThabo SefoloshaLAL420021.7041.1326.9216.9612.505.1031.4219.48
PFAndray BlatcheCHI480022.6042.0921.7223.3627.208.6032.3524.77
SFMirza TeletovicCHI380019.2037.1219.5516.4620.306.3028.1619.88
SFShawne WilliamsOKC470015.8033.7120.5415.1712.805.5024.7616.60
PFKevin GarnettCHI460022.6042.0921.5320.2719.207.7032.3522.37
SFNick YoungOKC460015.8033.7128.8824.2426.505.7024.7621.19
PGDerek FisherLAL300025.2044.3016.1910.2614.105.1034.7519.79
PGSteve NashOKC380023.5042.9822.5016.9321.307.4033.2422.42
SGJoe JohnsonCHI490016.2034.0733.0424.9721.706.2025.1420.63
CNKendrick PerkinsLAL320030.3051.2220.0012.8012.205.6040.7622.42
PGShaun LivingstonCHI510021.1039.8324.8218.8216.406.9030.4720.61
SFAndrei KirilenkoCHI300019.2037.1217.9513.2016.506.8028.1618.56
CNRobert SacreOKC340022.0040.4014.7011.2515.705.6031.2018.99
PFNick CollisonLAL300027.4047.1717.5711.9911.606.4037.2920.91
SGTony SnellBKN330021.8039.1819.4911.2115.304.7030.4918.44
SFPerry JonesLAL300021.2039.3712.377.6713.204.5030.2917.19
CNNazr MohammedBKN300023.7040.467.725.6914.505.3032.0817.93
CNSteven AdamsLAL300030.3051.2214.6111.7113.106.1040.7622.49
PFPau GasolOKC790024.3043.9031.9137.3226.4010.6034.1028.50
PGDJ AugustinBKN570021.2040.5225.2421.5120.104.7030.8621.61
PFCarlos BoozerBKN620025.9044.4329.9329.1126.907.9035.1726.85
SGJodie MeeksOKC420017.5035.4432.6723.5118.505.1026.4720.01
SFWes JohnsonOKC570015.8033.7126.8719.2315.205.4024.7617.87
CNBrook LopezCHI300024.7042.3731.3533.3827.006.2033.5426.73
PGRussell WestbrookLAL890025.2044.3032.8441.6533.3011.8034.7531.25
SGKobe BryantOKC660017.5035.4429.5028.8329.009.8026.4724.11



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DraftStreet Google Doc Link

SFKevin DurantLAL$22,784 21.2027.9038.0444.5832.2011.5022.6929.23
CNJoakim NoahBKN$18,101 23.7032.2634.0032.3518.309.8025.4725.07
PFTaj GibsonBKN$14,689 25.9033.9129.3721.7822.106.3029.2223.23
CNChris KamanOKC$13,936 22.0031.4018.0417.5726.108.5026.2120.60
PGJordan FarmarOKC$9,110 23.5025.2121.2617.5823.5010.0026.7820.17
PFSerge IbakaLAL$15,088 27.4035.5232.5528.8820.206.1029.7125.11
SGSteve BlakeOKC$13,514 17.5022.6432.7322.9715.708.2016.7519.96
PGReggie JacksonLAL$11,288 25.2026.7328.3921.1324.208.5027.4822.36
PGKendall MarshallOKC$11,566 23.5025.2132.0423.7116.108.3026.7821.48
SGJimmy ButlerBKN$11,115 21.8026.1736.8221.4517.405.5019.5121.52
PGKirk HinrichBKN$7,868 21.2023.6929.1716.6816.506.3025.7518.92
PGDeron WilliamsCHI$12,444 21.1023.1130.6123.2822.007.8024.7321.32
PFJordan HillOKC$9,354 24.3032.6619.5317.6818.907.5029.4820.09
SFMike DunleavyBKN$8,027 18.3024.2729.4117.3217.906.1022.8718.88
SFPaul PierceCHI$12,257 19.2025.9929.1621.2622.407.8020.5420.97
SFJeremy LambLAL$7,063 21.2027.9022.2214.8120.206.5022.6918.80
PGJason TerryCHI$4,401 21.1023.1116.306.9815.605.0024.7314.68
SFRyan KellyOKC$7,239 15.8022.2119.9011.8316.506.0018.8015.37
SFAlan AndersonCHI$5,861 19.2025.9925.3112.1616.204.5020.5417.23
SGThabo SefoloshaLAL$7,695 21.7027.9926.9214.2012.505.1023.3518.07
PFAndray BlatcheCHI$10,340 22.6031.5621.7219.5527.208.6028.8321.87
SFShawne WilliamsOKC$8,239 15.8022.2120.5412.6912.805.5018.8014.92
SFNick YoungOKC$9,140 15.8022.2128.8818.2826.505.7018.8019.56
PFKevin GarnettCHI$9,918 22.6031.5621.5317.5419.207.7028.8320.02
CNKendrick PerkinsLAL$5,911 30.3040.8120.0010.8412.205.6036.5519.96
SFMirza TeletovicCHI$7,248 19.2025.9919.5512.8920.306.3020.5417.37
PGDerek FisherLAL$5,051 25.2026.7316.198.1414.105.1027.4815.91
PGSteve NashOKC$8,405 23.5025.2122.5013.1821.307.4026.7818.85
SGJoe JohnsonCHI$8,270 16.2021.5933.0419.5121.706.2017.1419.71
PGShaun LivingstonCHI$9,999 21.1023.1124.8216.3116.406.9024.7318.10
SFAndrei KirilenkoCHI$5,710 19.2025.9917.9511.0516.506.8020.5416.25
PFNick CollisonLAL$4,960 27.4035.5217.5710.7311.606.4029.7118.20
CNRobert SacreOKC$6,451 22.0031.4014.709.6415.705.6026.2116.51
SGTony SnellBKN$5,198 21.8026.1719.498.5915.304.7019.5116.01
SFPerry JonesLAL$3,895 21.2027.9012.376.4913.204.5022.6914.28
CNNazr MohammedBKN$5,085 23.7032.267.724.8114.505.3025.4714.71
CNSteven AdamsLAL$4,524 30.3040.8114.6110.2513.106.1036.5519.20
PFCarlos BoozerBKN$10,980 25.9033.9129.9323.8026.907.9029.2224.72
SFWes JohnsonOKC$10,813 15.8022.2126.8715.7415.205.4018.8016.87
PGDJ AugustinBKN$9,796 21.2023.6925.2417.1420.104.7025.7518.68
SGJodie MeeksOKC$9,425 17.5022.6432.6718.4418.505.1016.7519.14
CNBrook LopezCHI$024.7034.6831.3529.0027.006.2029.0325.49
PFPau GasolOKC$15,810 24.3032.6631.9131.6226.4010.6029.4826.25
PGRussell WestbrookLAL$16,595 25.2026.7332.8433.1933.3011.8027.4827.18
SGKobe BryantOKC$13,490 17.5022.6429.5022.0029.009.8016.7521.74

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