Covering the Baselines Week 1: Add Mike Dunleavy November 6, 2012  |  Adam Cook

Welcome to my weekly column where I will have new players each week to make a pickup (less than 50% Owned in Yahoo Leagues), biggest drop (More than 50% owned in Yahoo Leagues), a sell high candidate, and a buy low candidate. Before we get started remember that active owners win leagues. Do not be hesitant to drop a struggling star for an up and coming player. Treat your team like it’s your job and always look to improve. Never settle! Here we go!

Pickup of the Week – (Owned in Under 50% of Yahoo Leagues)

Mike Dunleavy – SF – Milwaukee Bucks (43 % Owned)– Dunleavy is yet again proving why he is one of the most underrated players in the NBA year in and year out. He sees all the open looks he wants with Jennings being a magician with the ball and Ellis demanding extra attention. If Dunleavy continues to see 25 to 28 minutes per game he will be roster able all season. He’s number 2 in the season average rankings on Yahoo this season! Dunleavy shoots 3’s at a great clip and is going to make his fair share of treys. He will provide decent contributions in assists and FG %. You can certainly do worse on your bench than Dunleavy. Don’t hesitate to cut struggling vets such as Nick Young or Danny Green for him.

Drop of the Week (Owned in over 50 % of Yahoo Leagues)

Trevor Ariza- SF – Washington Wizards (60 % Owned in Yahoo Leagues)– If you still own him and are reading this column, stop reading and drop him NOW! Ariza needs a bunch of minutes to be a productive fantasy asset and he is not seeing it right now only averaging 21 a game. For heaven’s sake even Cartier Martin is seeing playing time over him. His starting position is very overrated and is only averaging 4.5 PPG and 6 shots per game. Ariza had one really good year with the Lakers and has been overrated ever since. You should never own a guy who cannot even get consistent minutes for the lowly Wizards!

$ Sell High $

Kevin Martin – SG – Oklahoma City Thunder – Kevin Martin has been playing really well this season, but if you think he will continue to average 20 PPG you’re crazy. His percentages are out of this world right now. Compare this season to his career averages. 2012 – 53 % FG PCT to Career 44 % FG PCT. 2012- 100 % FT PCT to Career 87 % FT PCT. 2012 71 % 3-PT PCT to Career 38 % 3-PT PCT. His percentages are screaming regression. Look for his 20.7 PPG to drop around 15 PPG. Martin does not contribute across the board with his season averages of 2 RPG and 2 APG. He has also averaged less than a steal per game more times than not in his career. His value will never be higher so try and trade offer him for someone such as an Arron Afflalo or Klay Thompson.

$ Buy Low $

Steve Nash – PG – Los Angeles Lakers – Yes I know Nash is only averaging 4.5 PPG and 4.0 APG on the young season and is currently injured. The dude cannot play any worse or be more left out of the offense then he is now. I believe when he comes back he will handle the ball more and develop some chemistry with his new teammates. I am looking at 12 PPG and 10 APG for the rest of the season. The Lakers did look a lot better offensively against Detroit on Sunday. He is shooting 33 % from the field and 20 % from the 3-PT line. His career averages are 49 % from the field and 42 % from the 3-PT line. I also expect his turnovers to stay lower with less offensive responsibility. I’m not saying offer a Raymond Felton or Tony Parker for him. I am saying try and trade a lower level PG such as Ramon Sessions or Jameer Nelson to a panicking frustrated Nash owner.

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