Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Discussing DeMarcus Cousins Draft Stock September 28, 2012  |  Scott

This is a post from that I was invited to participate in as a guest writer. I have two of the responses posted here, but for the rest be sure to click that link and check out the rest of the post. I am much higher on Cousins than most, so be sure to see what everyone has to say.


Each week this preseason and also during the season we are going to be doing a fantasy basketball roundtable. There will be one question asked and each of the RotoProfessor writers will offer an answer. Our goal is to give you the readers as many opinions and viewpoints as possible as you prepare for your drafts.

Periodically throughout the year we will also be bringing in guest bloggers. While we pride ourselves in bringing quality fantasy basketball analysis there are lots of other good fantasy blogs out there that are very much worth your time and we want to spotlight some of those blogs and writers who work hard. For our first week we are welcoming in Scott from

For our first roundtable I decided to pose a question about one of the most polarizing players in the NBA, DeMarcus Cousins. I asked each writer at what point they would select Cousins in a fantasy draft. Here are the answers:

Will Overton (

I am divided on DeMarcus Cousins. Part of me looks at his numbers from last year and find myself wiping some drool off of my computer. Another part of me remembers the antics he has been a part of in the past and absolute basket case that he can be. Cousins could be this year’s Andrew Bynum, or he could completely implode.

I want to believe that Cousins’ antics are behind him at this point, but it’s hard to believe he has really grown up that much in the last nine months. If he’s there in the second round it would take a whole lot of willpower to not to take him, but I just don’t know if I can trust him enough to risk that high of a pick, on him, making Cousins a cornerstone of my fantasy team.

The fact that he could be a 20/10 guy with 1.5 blocks and steals makes it impossible for me to pass on him in round three. But the risk in my mind if too great inside the top 20. I won’t be shocked if he ends up there, or even in the top ten, but if I pass on him and he ends up there, I’ll have to live with it. That’ll be easier for me to do than taking him in the top 15 and regretting it all season.

Scott (

To start out, I am usually the guy that takes risk/reward guys, no matter the league, because I feel that you can always do enough on the waiver wire if one of your risks busts. I will be the guy who takes Steph Curry in most leagues and I’m loving some other guys of similar nature like Ricky Rubio, Michael Beasley and Andrew Bogut.

Now, for Cousins. DeMarcus Cousins is a guy that has one of the most unique skill sets in the league. He is a big man who last year offered excellent points and rebounds numbers, as well as a surprisingly high steals average. The problem is, for a big man, Cousins’ FG% and TO number were absolutely atrocious. He also struggled mightily with foul trouble and attitude problems at different points during the year. So, well, there’s the bad news…

On to the good news! Cousins has the potential to develop into a consistent 20/20 threat in this league and there is exactly one of those currently (Kevin Love). As for his FG%, I would expect that to take a big leap forward this season due to improved shot selection and a slightly improved jumper. His turnovers will likely always be a little high for a big man, but that is my personal favorite category to punt or ignore based on format. His attitude and foul trouble problems are the easiest to correct and he improved on them greatly already late last season after the Kings switched coaches. Basically you are getting a discount due to past problems and I would take Cousins as high as the end of the First Round, but wold prefer to wait for the value in the middle of the Second Round.

We’ve weighed in with our opinions; now where do you come down on this debate? Would you take Cousins in the first or second round? Or is he too big of a risk?

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