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DraftKings: The Stretch Four 2.8.14

posted by Luke Self

All right Fake Basketballers, if you are anything like me, you begin your daily research by logging on and seeing how your previous day went. It’s always one of two things: I relish in my newly earned winnings or I take a few minutes to consider what could have been if I had just swapped out one guy for another. After a few minutes of sulking, I pick myself up, dust the dirt off my shoulders and remind myself that today is a new day with endless possibilities! Thus begins my daily research. I start by going through the match-ups to see what games stand out. I study the players with a fine tooth-comb looking for the diamond in the rough or the match-up too good to pass up. I check game logs and then of course reading all the great content from our writers here at The Fake Basketball.

After much deliberation and research, I form what I call my “short list”- which if I’m being honest is rarely very short. However, I always find a solid group of guys that instill confidence, and I know will make me rich (cue evil laugh). Therefore, without further ado, I bring you my core of where I will start with my line-ups today, or what I will refer to as “The Stretch Four”.

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Draymond Green

Draymond Green

Draymond Green SF

With David Lee out today at Phoenix, Draymond Green is expected to  start again. Dray is a true stat stuffer who always produces with minutes. This year, his per 36 are 9.3 points, 8.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 2 steals, 1.4 blocks and 1.1 3ptm, which is good enough for 30 FPPG. The last 7 games where Dray has gotten at least 20 minutes, he hasn’t had less than 20 FPPG and has averaged 26 FPPG. I love days when I can play guys like Draymond and know they are getting minutes for a near minimum price like $3,200.

Danny Green SG/SF

Don’t look now but Danny Green is back to his old form. Injuries have played a factor for the resurgance with Manu and Kawhi hurt, but Green has really hit the ground running after coming back from a hand injury. In his first 3 games back, he has scored 23.75, 40.25 and 38 FPPG and made 9 3ptm while playing 37 minutes per game.  Pop has been less than pleased will Marco’s defense, so I expect Green to stay on the court in Charlotte tonight. Even if his shot isn’t falling Green has been rebounding well and getting steals and blocks. Today is officially Green Day, come celebrate Earth with me and start your line-ups with Danny and Draymond.

PG/SG Steph Curry

Steph Curry has been an absolute monster vs. Phoenix this year averaging 55 FPPG including a 14-13-16 line whis shot wasn’t following. David Lee is out once again and Klay Thompson is in a horrible slump and is also significantly worse player on the road (shoots 40% compared to 47% at home) .  Steph is going to have to carry the load today and he has proved his is more than capable. He just put up 54 FPPG vs. Chicago on Thursday with Lee out. In his last 10 games, Curry has been over 50 FPPG an insane 6 times, and over 63  FPPG 3 times! Once again, he probably as high upside as anyone today and for less the guys like LBJor Love. You shouldn’t have many problems working Curry in with the value available today.

Andre Drummond PF/C

I will be the first to say that playing Drummond is not for the faint of the heart, but today seems like the right day to take a chance. The former Mr. iCarly faces off against the Nuggets today, who give up the 23th most fantasy points to opposing centers on the season and 29th over the last 2 weeks at 48.81 FPPG. Drummond has been rolling and averaged 43.4 FPPG over his last 5 games, coming off a 16 point 22 rebound game last night.  Denver has taken the 5th most shots at the basket in the NBA on the year and Drummond is near the top of the league at protecting the rim. This should create plenty of opportunites for blocks. Tonight I’m counting on Drummond to give me the edge in some GPPs in a juicy matchup vs. the Nuggets.

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  • I have a legitimate concern/question. I started doing daily basketball lines on Draftkings and Fanduel about two months ago and have greatly improved. Most of the time I agree with the plays on your website and many times have come up with the same picks as you guys as the good plays of the day. That being said….since it is obvious the writer’s play competitively themselves, I have begun to wonder if some of the plays are put on here to trip up your audience. Case and point….Draymond Green. If you had watched the Warriors/Bulls the other night(which was the first game with no Lee/Bogut) it was clear that although O’Neal and Green were the replacement starters that it was Harrison Barnes that was getting and utilizing more opportunity rather than the aforementioned. Green was the hot pick yesterday and I couldn’t figure out why like I said after watching that game. Well, Barnes scored 35 points on Draftkings and Green was over 70% taken and had like 16 fantasy points or something. So, are you guys trying to trip up the public or what?

    • Is this some kind of joke?

      Two games without David Lee…Green and Barnes played the same amount of minutes: Green 22 & 22 fp, Barnes 15 & 22 fp. Green was the starter and had the cheaper price tag…the options both looked similar, so why not take the less expensive guy with similar projected numbers? Barnes got hot and Mark Jackson rode him for 36 minutes. Harrison is very prone to offensive shortcomings as well and he was not a clear-cut play by any means especially for a steeper price tag.

      And if you think we’d put our reputation on the line to influence 1% of the players who aren’t even going to take our picks as gospel (as they shouldn’t) and play them blindly, then you are insane as well as your conspiracy theory.

      • Sorry man….look at the time I posted that. Don’t get drunk and post.

  • Dusty,

    Thanks for reading. Green was dirt cheap and basically met value for his price despite not having a great game. On the year, Barnes averages 19.3 FPPG in 29 minutes while Green averages 16.3 FPPG in just 19 minutes. Given that Green was starting and $1,400 less, I would take him every day. Barnes has been a picture of inconsistency all year while Green has consistently produced when given mniutes.

    I can relate to the frustration as I played him in all my line-ups too. I can assure you that they guys I research and write about are who I use as a core in my line-ups. I would never recommend blindly playing anyone that a writer recommends. I’m just telling you who I like that day and why. The best part of DFS is today is a new day. When I have a bad night (even if drunk), I try to start looking at the next day and the matchups.

    If you ever has questions as to why I’m playing guys or want to talk DFS, feel free to hit me up on twitter @lukeself.



    • Thanks….you guys have a great website and I really enjoy reading everyone’s daily insight.

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