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The Day Before Tomorrow – Fantasy NBA News and Notes for November 6th

posted by Scott

Welcome back fans of guys putting an orange ball through an eerily similar shaped rim! The Day Before Tomorrow is back in action this season to give you all the news and notes from around the NBA the day before… well… tomorrow. That’s actually today if you are calendar impaired or just don’t like to think. Let’s dive in…

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Yesterday’s News:

DeMarcus Cousins finally kept himself out of foul trouble last night and went off against, guess who, David Lee and the Warriors. Lee is the cure for whatever ails a big man and Cousins took full advantage with 23 points, 15 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks. Cousins wasn’t even that good in this game and most of the Kings looked totally unexcited to be playing a basketball game. The good news is that Cousins can put up these kind of numbers any night, so watch out if he ever starts caring.

OJ Mayo hit another 6 threes on his way to 32 points for the Mavericks last night. Easily the best value pick up of any team this offseason, Mayo is showing what he can do with more freedom and an increased role. His backcourt mate, Darren Collison, was fantastic once again as well with 18 points and 10 assists. Look for these two to continue to dominate now with Shawn Marion likely headed to the shelf. The real test will be when Dirk returns.

Dion Waiters exploded onto the scene last night in 32 minutes hitting 7 threes on his way to 28 points. This shows us the potential Waiters has, but he is still a rookie and will go through his ups and downs just like Bradley Beal has. These guys are not elite contributors in other categories yet, so be sure not to panic when they show little in the box score some nights.

Zach Randolph is averaging over 15 points and 16 rebounds proving the “knee concerns” that all the injury prone fantatics knocked him on draft day for are basically non-existent. Randolph is going to battle Kyle Lowry all season for the title of draft steal this season.

Chris Kaman came off the bench for the Mavs again last night for 16 points and 6 rebounds. Kaman is an All-Star calibur player still when healthy, so make sure that if he was dropped that you run to the wire and grab him. While he may not be healthy all season, he will contribute close to 18 and 8 when he is out there, which is well worth some DNPs here and there due to ankle sprains and such.

Top Lines to Target:

(Those who target the night’s highest over/unders should reap fantasy success)



Strong Plays for Tonight:

(Guys I am trying to get into lineups tonight, ranked on comparison to perceived value.)
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Point Guards:

  1. Kyle Lowry
  2. E’Twaan Moore
  3. Russell Westbrook

Lowry has a great matchup with the undisciplined Westbrook. Moore should start for Jameer Nelson again tonight. Westbrook is just flat out the best point guard playing tonight and Lowry is nothing special on defense.

Shooting Guards:

  1. JJ Redick
  2. Aaron Afflalo
  3. Kevin Martin

I love that I get to put JJ in here every time he plays. Redick has been fantastic and looks to be playing with a new level of confidence on this rebuilding team. Afflalo is soaking up all the wing minutes along with Redick, he is probably the best player on this team, even though that’s not saying much. Martin has been great in his new role, look for that to continue.

Small Forwards:

  1. Kevin Durant
  2. Luol Deng
  3. Andre Iguodala

With the way Durant has been playing, handling the ball more now that Harden isn’t there, he looks like the favorite for MVP. Deng should dominate the Magic, who are playing well undersized at small forward this season without Hedu. AI should be his disruptive self against and turnover prone Pistons team.

Power Forwards:

  1. Carlos Boozer
  2. Serge Ibaka
  3. Nikola Vucevic

Boozer should score at will versus the Magic’s youthful frontcourt. Ibaka has been playing a lot of minutes, but hasn’t broke out yet. I’m hoping that happens tonight against a fairly unathletic Raptors big man rotation. Vucevic has played 16 minutes and 38 minutes, I don’t know which one is for real, but he looked awfully good last game and has a first-round pedigree.


  1. Joakim Noah
  2. Javale McGee
  3. Andre Drummond

Noah is probably going to lead the night in rebounding, he looks like a good bet to double-double. McGee hasn’t established himself in the rotation, which is a bit concerning, but he has a great matchup versus the Pistons and has elite upside. Drummond hasn’t been great, but is quietly averaging 5.7 rebounds, 1.7 blocks and 0.7 steals per game.


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