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The Top 100 Fantasy Basketball Players 2012-13

posted by Mike Baum

My name is Mike Baum and I’m excited to kick off another season of fantasy advice and analysis with The Fake Basketball. This site has it all, so I hope you’ll check back regularly for all sorts of valuable information from myself and the other great writers.

Once the season gets rolling I’ll be posting my top 50 player rankings, updated bi-weekly. Since this is draft season for most of us, I figured a top 50 list would leave you wanting more, so I expanded it to include my top 100 players, complete with comments on all 100.

While I was doing these rankings, one thing that stuck out to me is that there are plenty of PF/Cs who are great values in the middle to late rounds, so if you’re at the draft table and trying to decide between a dynamic guard or a big man in the early rounds, go with the guard. Without further ado, here are the top 100 fantasy basketball players of 2012-13:

Mike Baum

You can send your comments and questions to me, or on twitter @mikebaumsays. Got a player who you aren’t sure whether to buy, sell, or hold? Send me an email or hit me up on Twitter, and your player could be featured in next week’s post.

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