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The Fake Basketball Mailbag: Vol. 1

posted by Scott

Welcome to The Fake Basketball Mailbag, it’s like Santa’s workshop, the letters pour in asking for things and globs of letters that somehow form into words, which arrange into sentences with the help of toddlers in pointy shoes come back out.

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Q: I get 3 keeps in 8-cat h2h. Paul and Westbrook are 2. 3rd is between Griffin, Cousins, Jennings or Gay. Who should be 3rd? No FT%


A: This is one of the more interesting questions I’ve got this preseason so far. While I have both Paul and Westbrook in my Top 5 overall players this season, the key item in this question is that the missing category is FG%. This shoots both Griffin and Cousins way up my draft board and with the ridiculous depth there is this season at point guard, I would actually keep Paul, Cousins and Griffin because of the scarcity of big men and their overall value in a non-FT% league.

Q: In the Rotoworld Draft Guide, why did you take Michael Kidd-Gilchrist so high? Before Thad Young, Turner, DeMar and Dudley?


A: I am admittedly high on MKG this season, but not overly high as you can see at FantasyPros. I expect him to be an elite steals and blocks guy at shooting guard from the start in fantasy leagues and he is also a willing passer and hard-nosed rebounder. This even without scoring makes for a solid roto-player and if he can make any kind of improvement on his jumper, it can only help him. Thad Young doesn’t excite me that much this season with all the new options in Philadelphia for Doug Collins to play with. I do like Turner as a breakout player, but he has never shown the ability to score consistently at the NBA level and despite his all-around game, he doesn’t stand out in any areas. DeMar Derozan was basically just slightly more than a score-only guy last year and until we see consistent three-point range and improvement in other peripheral areas, I don’t see him providing plus value anywhere. Jared Dudley is going to have a lot of competition for minutes as well as shots this season with Goran Dragic and Michael Beasley in town.

Q: Bball keeper opinion: Howard, D Wade, or Rondo; which holds the best value at 4th round tag? H2H, 9 cat.


A: I think this one is a fairly easy choice. In any league that includes FT%, Howard takes a big hit to his value. Throw in the fact that he is still rehabbing his back injury and may miss some time early in the season and I’ll make the easy choice of Wade and Rondo. Wade is one of the few elite SGs and is planning to play at least 2 preseason games before the real ones roll around. Rondo is looking to take that final step forward as a fantasy basketball asset this year, by offering the consistency we expect from 1st and 2nd round picks.

Q: Who would you target with pick 6 in an 8 cat draft?


A: My mind immediately hopes that Russell Westbrook falls to you. In an 8-cat league with no TOs, Westbrook is probably the third best player in fantasy basketball. If he doesn’t make it to you I would take a look at Josh Smith probably because his lethal roto game becomes even more deadly when his turnovers don’t hurt. The next guy I would look at would be Bynum because I expect a big season with him shouldering the scoring and rebounding load in Philadelphia.

Q: Why is fantasy football so much more popular than fantasy basketball?


A: Fantasy football has a much easier, once a week format where each player only plays one game. I have actually been working on a way to make fantasy basketball as similar as possible. This is the league I came up with here. If anyone is interested in trying out this league (there will likely be an entry fee), check out the settings and leave a comment or write me on Twitter, so I can get in touch. There is also a no entry fee version of the league listed here.


I write about NBA things before they happen @fakebasketball and have very real dreams about very fake sports. I also write the Matchup Machine @thefakefootball

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