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Monday Morning Point Forward: Real Links to Rule the Fake Basketball World

posted by Scott

The Monday Morning Point Forward is like the Lebron James of the fantasy basketball world. It is a list of articles from reputable sources surround NBA teams that should give us a look into what is in store for the upcoming season. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or in the comments for more analysis.

From Philly.com:

Andrew Bynum – “Speaking of Bynum, he looks to be in great condition. He’s trim. He’s engaging his teammates and coaches. And if they were playing games right now, Bynum would be out there.” No reason to worry about Bynum at this point. He’s actually better off sitting out of preseason games if he keeps him healthy for the ones that count.

From latimes.com:

Kobe Bryant – The Lakers have a collection of stars now and we won’t know whose production will take the biggest hit until it happens. “What will happen is over the course of time, he’s going to see with the four [other starting] guys out there . . . he’s going to get some easy looks,” Brown said. “I think he’ll realize that he doesn’t have to always do as much because other guys will be able to do things at different times.”

From SacBee.com:

Marcus Thornton – Thornton is beginning the preseason in a 6th man role it seems. There isn’t much in this link other than a look at the Kings current 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.

From NYPost.com:

Amare Stoudemire – Stoudemire has never been known for an array of post moves, he has always relied on athleticism and his mid range jumper, but he hopes to change all that this season after working with Hakeem Olajawon this summer. “I’m ready to step into a new era of my career,’’ Stoudemire said. “It’s going to benefit my career and I’ll become more of a complete player, having an all-around game.’’

From SacBee.com:

Thomas Robinson – The Kings weakest position is small forward, so if Robinson could see some minutes there, with just aging John Salmons in front of him, it would be a huge boon for his fantasy value. Make sure to watch out for unheralded acquisition James Johnson though. From the SacBee’s Jason Jones: “Don’t rule out Thomas Robinson seeing time at small forward during the preseason. During one 5-on-5 session, Robinson was the small forward with Chuck Hayes and DeMarcus Cousins the other frontcourt players.”


I write about NBA things before they happen @fakebasketball and have very real dreams about very fake sports. I also write the Matchup Machine @thefakefootball

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