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Fantasy Basketball Auction Values (Standard and Adjusted)

posted by Scott

Auction Fantasy Drafts have become all the rage in football and I expect basketball to follow suit. This chart will give you a few different values and I will explain them in the key below. In general my strategy in fantasy basketball auctions this year is to try to get one of the Top 5 players, preferably Lebron or Love, and then target as many players between the $10-20 range as I can to fill out my team. I don’t recommend trying to land 2 or more top players because you will miss out on a ton of value in the middle of the draft this way. Let’s take a look at the values:


Avg Price: The average price paid for these players so far in the auction drafts I used for data.

Should Pay: What I would pay for each player.

90 Starters or Less: A standard 10-team league starts 90 players, 9 starters on each team (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util). This small number of starters raises the price on the more premium players.

91 Starters or More: 12-team leagues or leagues with more starting positions puts a value on depth and reduces the value or the premium players.


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  • Is this based on a $200 salary cap? How many teams in the league and players per team?


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