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2012-13 NBA Fantasy Basketball Projections

posted by Scott

These are my current stat projections for the 2012-13 NBA Season. I am getting them out early right now, so make sure to watch as I edit them as the season draws closer. Hat tip to @conradburry for making them look all sexy for us.


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  • To be perfectly honest I’m not huge in to fantasy basketball, I play and I do well, but I get so into the actual games sometimes may fantasy teams fall to the wayside in my priorities. First thing I noticed though was Josh Smith, I think there will be more points than 19.9 ppg without iso Joe in the Atlanta mix. I mean isn’t ALOT of their offense going to be revolved around him. I would say closer to 23-25 ppg. And as for Steph Curry going in the 2nd round (assuming 12 team league) I would not use a pick that high on him. As far as I know is ankles are actually made of paper mache. I also don’t like blake in the first two rounds. One, I don’t trust his health issues and second the seven year old next door to me shoots better free throws. Not exaggerating, kid is legit, been giving him pointers. I’ll just stick to the first two rounds for now, I’ll be back with more obnoxious criticism later.

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